11 Aug 2016

HMRC’s planned reforms of the intermediaries legislation in the public sector will not provide silver bullet says FCSA in its official response to the consultation

The Freelancer & Contractor Services Association (FCSA) today submitted its official response to HMRC outlining its concerns if IR35 proposals for the public sector go ahead and has included some...

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25 Jul 2016

FCSA refutes Telegraph’s claims that personal service companies are inappropriate

Following a Telegraph report (22nd July 2016) that suggested the BBC has acted inappropriately by allowing key personnel to work through personal service companies FCSA today refuted any claims that...

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21 Jul 2016

FCSA calls upon agencies and intermediaries to provide market insight

FCSA is calling for agencies and intermediaries to help gather evidence and market sentiment on the recent legislative changes that could impact their businesses and the industry overall.  As the...

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13 Jul 2016

FCSA responds to Government research on hirers becoming responsible for IR35

The Government released a report yesterday outlining the findings of a research study they conducted amongst hirers about the possibility of them becoming responsible for determining IR35 status for their self-employed...

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24 Jun 2016

FCSA comments on leaving the EU

On leaving the EU, Julia Kermode, CEO of The Freelancer & Contractor Services Association, the UK’s largest independent trade body for contractor accountants and umbrella firms said:  “For FCSA it...

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9 Jun 2016

FCSA challenges Lawspeed on umbrella contract clause

FCSA is disappointed that Lawspeed’s recently updated umbrella contract includes an unreasonable clause and has advised umbrella firms not to sign or accept the new terms.  The contract requires umbrella...

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1 Jun 2016

FCSA welcomes JustAccounts as new business partner

The Freelancer and Contractor Services Association (FCSA), the UK’s largest leading trade association for professional employment services working to support the flexible workforce has agreed a partnership with JustAccounts, a...

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27 May 2016

FCSA responds to Government’s public sector off-payroll consultation out today

Despite unveiling research reported by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) earlier this month that implied that 90% temporary workers in the public sector are tax compliant, the Freelancer & Contractor...

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18 May 2016

FCSA outlines importance of contingent workers as labour market figures released

  ONS Labour market figures out today show that the UK workforce has increased due to an upsurge in self-employment and temporary workers.  20,000 more people are choosing to work...

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11 May 2016

Treasury Minister David Gauke MP meets FCSA in roundtable discussion on the Government’s PSC reforms

FCSA members have held a roundtable with David Gauke MP, Financial Secretary to the Treasury, as part of the trade association’s mission to build relations and continue discussions with the...

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4 May 2016

FCSA appoints new Chair

The Freelancer & Contractor Services Association (FCSA), the UK’s leading independent trade body whose members provide professional support services to freelancers and contractors, is delighted to announce the appointment of...

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25 Apr 2016

FCSA calls for HMRC to abandon its consultation on public sector use of off-payroll staff as evidence suggests 90% compliance

FCSA has called into question HMRC’s plans to consult on public sector contractors to be taxed as employees and put onto the payroll.  The challenge comes following research reported by...

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