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FCSA Accredited Members Listing

A list of FCSA Accredited Members to help recruiters when reviewing their Preferred Suppliers List.  Last updated January 2020. Please visit our Directory of Members for the most up to date listing of our Accredited Members.

FCSA Supply Chain Partner Charter Guide for Agencies

A guide to the FCSA Supply Chain Partner Charter and how recruitment agencies can sign up to the scheme. 

Supply Chain Compliance for Agencies

We explain why a reliable Preferred Supplier List made up exclusively of FCSA Accredited Members is so important for recruitment agencies.

FCSA Codes of Compliance

Read FCSA’s Codes of Compliance to find out what new and renewing applicants for Accredited Membership are required to demonstrate:

All FCSA members are expected to adhere to FCSA’s Charter which sets out FCSA’s objectives and required ethical standards from our members.   

FCSA Charter

Download a copy of the FCSA Charter which sets out the minimum ethical standards and levels of conduct expected from FCSA Members. 

FCSA Charter

FCSA Services Guide

An introduction to the FCSA and the range of services we offer services providers, end-hirers and recruiters. 

Criminal Finances Act 2017 Factsheet

Everything you need to know about the Criminal Finances Act 2017 and what it means for the sector. 

IR35 Changes in the Public Sector Factsheet

We have produced this factsheet to provide you with a summary of the IR35 changes in the public sector. 

Become an FCSA Accredited Member

Discover why your umbrella, contractor accountancy or CIS/self-employed payroll services firm should become an Accredited Member of the FCSA. 

FCSA Supply Chain Partner Guide for End Hirers

In this guide, discover the many benefits for end hirers who choose to partner with recruitment agencies who are signed up to the FCSA Supply Chain Partner Charter.

Supply Chain Compliance for End-Hirers

We explain why choosing to partner with agencies whose PSL comprises exclusively of FCSA Accredited Members is so important. 

Compliant Umbrella Companies Factsheet

In this factsheet, we dispel the myths surrounding umbrella companies and outline the many benefits of engaging with a compliant umbrella firm. 

FCSA Workforce Barometer – January 2018

In this quarters issue, in which we take a detailed look at UK plc’s changing demand for finance workers and the candidate availability. 

CIPD Labour Market Outlook (Spring 2018)

EY Off-Payroll Working in the Private Sector (May 2018)

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