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The Freelancer & Contractor Services Association (FCSA) is the UK’s leading membership body dedicated to raising standards and promoting supply chain compliance for the temporary labour market. Our purpose is to safeguard the long-term future of the professional freelance sector for the benefit of the UK economy by:

  • Setting and raising standards for service providers who support professional contractors
  • Promoting compliance in order to protect professional contractors
  • Influencing and lobbying to ensure that members’ needs are represented to policymakers
  • Collaborating through partnerships with like-minded organisations

FCSA’s primary role is to raise standards and promote compliance and through our Accreditation, we encourage self-regulation in our sector in supporting contractors to meet their tax and legal obligations. FCSA Accredited Members are tested against our Codes of Compliance annually and must pass in order to retain their Accreditation.

FCSA Accreditation – recognised as the industry’s compliance gold standard

Our standards are the most stringent and comprehensive in the industry, as detailed in our Codes of Compliance, which is published and freely available on our website. 

The Codes includes sections on:

  • Governance
  • Corporate Structure
  • Employment Law
  • Accountancy/Tax Law
  • Insurance and Financial Stability Checks
  • Relationship with Recruitment Businesses
  • Relationships with Contractors
  • Umbrella Employment Operations
  • Accountancy Support Operations
  • Self-Employment Operations.

Importantly, no FCSA Accredited Member is allowed to operate Offshore Schemes, Loan Schemes, Trusts, Managed Services Company Schemes, Pay-day-by-Pay models, Hybrid;  Mini Umbrella (MUC); Elected deduction model (EDM) or similar.

Any contractor, recruitment agency, or end-hirer choosing to work with an FCSA Accredited Member is assured that the member operates at the highest industry standards for the benefit and protection of the supply chain. 

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