FCSA Codes of Compliance

Read FCSA’s Codes of Compliance to find out what new and renewing applicants for Accredited Membership are required to demonstrate:

FCSA code – Mandatory for ALL applicants

FCSA code – Umbrella Employers

FCSA code – Limited Company Advisors

FCSA code – Self-Employed & CIS Providers 

FCSA Fit & Proper Person form – ALL applicants

Revised Codes of Compliance (May 2021)

The revised FCSA Codes, as published, will apply to all new applicants from the 26th May 2021 and to current FCSA members from the 1st October 2021, the latter is to enable our independent assessors to evidence test current members against the newly revised codes. If you require a copy of the previous codes, please email: info@fcsa.org.uk.


FCSA Charter

All FCSA members are expected to adhere to FCSA’s Charter which sets out FCSA’s objectives and required ethical standards from our members.   

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