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Independently assessed by top industry experts to demonstrate the highest standard of compliance

FCSA Accredited Members are rightly proud of being able to demonstrate the highest standard of compliance in the professional employment services sector.  Not only are they required to adhere to FCSA’s Charter, they are also tested for compliance with FCSA’s standards.  

Our Accredited Members have been independently assessed by regulated chartered accountancy and solicitors to confirm that they adhere to the rigorous FCSA Codes of Compliance. 

This stringent test of their business operations is a clear commercial differentiator for umbrella employers, limited company advisors, and self-employed/CIS contractor providers, and minimises the risk for your customers.

It is the only compliance standard recognised and endorsed by all of the UK’s leading recruitment bodies, including REC, APSCo and TEAM.

Identifiable by an orange crest logo

FCSA Accredited Members are authorised to use the orange logo (as illustrated) on their marketing communication for each service accredited.

Only FCSA Accredited Members are permitted to use the orange crest logo.

*To obtain a copy of the FCSA Accredited Member logo, please contact our Membership Manager.

Recruitment agencies, end hirers and contractors are advised to check a service providers type of membership when reviewing their preferred suppliers list. Visit our Directory of Members to check they’re accredited.

Qualifying for Accredited Member status

To join as an FCSA Accredited Member, applicants need to demonstrate compliance with the FCSA Codes of Compliance.  You will need to provide documentary evidence supporting this, which will be independently tested by FCSA approved assessors.

All FCSA Code assessors are either regulated chartered accountants or solicitors, and have at least five years of demonstrable experience of specialising in the freelance sector. You can choose from the list below:




Ernst & Young

Saffery Champness


Ernst & Young

JMW Solicitor


As all applications require completion of the mandatory code, you will need to choose a legal assessor in addition to the financial assessor. The cost of the review is the same whichever assessor team you select.

Our Codes of Compliance covers 3 business models: umbrella employer, limited company advisor, and self-employed/CIS contractor provider. To become an FCSA Accredited Member, all relevant aspects of your business need to be compliant.

The cost of full FCSA Accredited Membership is dependent on the size of your business and the number of models you operate. 

For more information about the steps to FCSA Accreditation and details of upcoming workshops, please visit:

Steps to Accreditation      

Once you’re Accredited

Once you have successfully passed our due diligence and Codes of Compliance checks, you will be awarded FCSA Accredited Member status. As an Accredited Member you will be:

  • Listed in our Directory of Members.
  • Issued with an FCSA Accredited Membership certificate to recognise your achievement.
  • Granted use of the FCSA Accredited Member orange crest logo on your corporate stationery and marketing material.
  • Invited to attend quarterly Members meetings.
  • Access to the FCSA Business Partner network who offer discounts for member firms.
  • Access to FCSA Supply Chain Partner network who commit to a PSL comprising exclusively of FCSA Accredited Members.
  • Able to contribute to FCSA’s position on government policy and legislative developments.
  • Able to promote your FCSA Accredited Membership status when engaging with your customers and recruitment agencies.

Maintaining your Accredited Member status

All FCSA Accredited Members are required to undergo compliance checks on an annual basis by our independent and regulated chartered accountants and solicitors.

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Become a member of FCSA or partner with us and together we can help to raise standards and promote supply chain compliance across the temporary labour market.

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As an FCSA Accredited Member, our clients can rest assured that NumberMill has undergone the most stringent tests to demonstrate full compliance and complete transparency with HMRC.

Louise Rayner CEO FCSA Accredited Member, NumberMill

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