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  Umbrella Employment  



Annual Review Date

January 2022

Accredited Group Companies

The following group companies are also FCSA Accredited for the services listed:

Group Company Name

Accredited Services Ltd

Company number: 04207299


Umbrella Employment

About Us


SmartWork has over a decade of knowledge and experience within the contracting sector. We provide a fully compliant solution to safeguard the interests of its umbrella employees, recruitment business and clients alike. SmartWork is a trusted, reliable, payroll provider which offers umbrella & PAYE solutions, always ensuring excellent customer service at competitive rates. We work with recruitment businesses covering all sectors and tailor our packages to meet your specific requirements.

The FCSA Accredited Member status gives our clients reassurances that they are working with a fully compliant, high-quality professional service company.  Our service has been shaped with our valuable, flexible workforce in mind, and we guarantee that each of our valued employees received complete security, full employee benefits, and unrivalled customer care throughout their employment with us. 

Some of the advantages choosing us: 

  • We are honest, reliable and dedicated – Our highly trained team have years of experience in every professional field. 
  • Low weekly and monthly margin.
  • Dedicated Support – Each client has access to an experienced account managers who pro-actively provides on-going support and excellent customer service on a one-to-one basis. 
  • Full contract of employment with the associated benefits which this brings.
  • Set up within 24 hours.
  • Extended Office Hours – We are the only umbrella company in the market that offers our employees a helpline which is open from 8am-8pm, seven days a week.  
  • Trusted Partner – We already features on over 100 active PSLs or ASLs in the UK and encourages all agencies to implement a selected list of compliant FCSA Accredited Members. 
  • Advance payment facility – Payment on remit is available for preferred partners. 

Contact SmartWork 

Neil Kane 

Tel: 0117 311 9800 or 0800 434 6446 

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