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FCSA Accreditation 

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  Umbrella Employment  


About Us

Pendragon Consultancy was founded in early 2018 to satisfy a passion for the recruitment and umbrella employment sectors, and a desire to bring a more professional, consultative and contemporary approach to engaging contractors through employment.

Our highly skilled team has decades of experience in delivering consistently high standards of service and providing professional, tailored and compliant off-payroll employment solutions to contractors, consultants, interims, and freelancers

With a comprehensive understanding of the legislation which impacts contractors, agencies and end users, we can navigate the complexities, so that our employees and clients don’t need to. We can be relied upon to effectively manage the end to end process when on-boarding a contingent workforce.

We use the latest technology to provide stable, flexible and auditable systems, whilst still being agile enough to react to any legislative changes quickly and efficiently to ensure continued compliance.

We are focused on ensuring that employees using our umbrella solutions gain the benefits of full-time employment and can rely on the same level of service and support provided by an employer as if they were permanent staff. Whether they are new to contracting and umbrella or career contractors looking for something more contemporary, we can help.

Our key tenets

  • Knowledge of and commitment to compliance
  • Expertise in employment, payroll and tax
  • Communication skills and confidence
  • Flexibility
  • Responsibility and reliability
  • Expertise in designing payroll software and systems

FCSA Compliance Review Date 

  August 2020

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Janet De-Havilland
Tel: 01992 267 067

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