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FCSA Accreditation 

Omnia Outsourcing are accredited for the following services: 


Umbrella Employment Self-Employed and CIS Contractor Provider  


About Us

Over 50 years combined payroll and customer service experience within the industry, public and private sectors, Dale, Jay & Iain created Omnia Outsourcing Limited with a vision to be the ‘go to’ umbrella company.  Omnia takes great pride in our core values; honesty, integrity and quality.  Not only are these guiding principles at the heart of our business but we care about our contractors, clients and their companies.

Using cutting edge software and processes, Omnia is at the forefront of technology to deliver fast paced and accurate payroll, we work with agencies and companies to help streamline and reduce effort and errors, saving time and making efficiencies.

Omnia has a strong, agile and robust management team supported by a team of individuals who are passionate about our brand, we have hand-picked the best people and we trust them to deliver quality of service all the time.  We ask our team to be as enthusiastic about your business as they are about Omnia.  Our customer service, compliance and payroll teams work tirelessly to ensure contractors are registered and paid because they care and they want to uphold Omnia’s great reputation for delivery.

If you want to know more about Omnia and how we can help get in touch on the details below.


FCSA Compliance Review Date 

November 2022


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Contact: Jay Pittaway

Tel: 0118 334 8588

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