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NASA is accredited for

Limited Company Advisors Umbrella Employment Self-Employed/CIS Contractor Providers


Annual Review Date

September 2022


Accredited Group Companies

The following group companies are also FCSA Accredited for the services listed:

Group Company Name

Accredited Services

NASA Consulting Ltd 

Company number: 05764568 

Limited Company Advisors



NASA Umbrella Ltd 

Company number: 06836385

Umbrella Employment

Self-Employed/CIS Contractor Providers


About Us

NASA Group is a specialist umbrella and accountancy supplier based in Bristol, working exclusively within the contracting industry nationwide. 

As well as being one of the most cost-effective in the industry, we pride ourselves on offering far greater value for our agency partners thanks to the unique way in which we collaborate with them. Rather than a typical ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, we always ensure that our process is perfectly aligned with theirs so that the entire operation is as efficient as it can be. This benefits everyone in the supply chain including the recruitment agency, by enabling them to spend more time recruiting rather than payroll processing and problem-solving. It also allows the contractor to work more effectively as they fully understand the process and have far fewer questions or concerns. NASA Group goes above and beyond their duty as an employer and accountancy provider. 

This commitment continues throughout the entire agency relationship as we remain at the forefront of compliance and industry updates. Training agency staff on solutions and legislation is all part of the service, plus NASA Group will assist your business in preparing for legislative changes affecting your sector too. This helps to create a partnership far more valuable than a typical umbrella & accountancy supplier. 

Our commitment to value extends to our contractors too. NASA Group is one of only a few suppliers to provide the option of including full business Insurance for those who use our accountancy service. We make this option available to assist both the contractor and the recruitment agency by helping to ensure that all workers have the relevant insurance required in order to carry out their assignments. NASA Group also offers IR35 contract reviews to ensure best practice and peace of mind for everyone in the supply chain. 

We are always on hand to discuss how we can assist you, plus with regional account managers throughout the UK, we would be glad to talk in person too. 


Contact NASA 

Alex Spendley 

Tel: 0117 929 7683 

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