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FCSA Accreditation 

Clipper Contracting Group are accredited for the following services: 


Umbrella Employment Self-Employed and CIS Contractor Provider  


About Us

Clipper Contracting Group was established with one thing in mind: to provide the highest levels of service for the provision of payment solutions to temporary workers.

Supporting workers in a range of sectors such as construction, healthcare education, engineering and logistics, Clipper Contracting Group provides a range of employed and self-employed solutions to support the UK’s contingent workforce.

We work with the best advisors, employ the best people and provide the best experience to ensure to both our workers and recruitment partners that we remain totally compliant and competitive in these ever-changing times.

Benefits of Clipper Contracting Group

  • Simple, one-click, online registration – our bespoke registration CRM allows workers to complete registration online in a matter of minutes
  • Dedicated worker aftercare – from weekly phone calls to email contact, we stay in touch with our workers to ensure their experience is as expected.
  • Advance payments – we can assist with advances on late timesheets all the way up to 4pm on a Friday
  • Disaster Recovery – we have invested heavily in our systems to ensure we can continue to operate in any situation and guarantee payments to workers
  • Recruitment experience – founded by former recruitment professionals, we solely operate in and fully understand the recruitment industry and our service reflects this understanding.

FCSA Compliance Review Date 

October 2021

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Elin Stenner-Matthews

Tel: 07824 876896

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