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January 2022

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Carrington Umbrella Ltd

Company number: 07816859


Umbrella Employment



Carrington Corporate Services Ltd

(brand name Carrington Accountancy)

Company number: 03160163


Limited Company Advisors




About Us

Carrington Umbrella

Our aim has always been to provide contractors, freelances and agencies with a very personal and professional service.

We started way back in 2000 with the remit initially, to give an added value service to Carrington Accountancy. Many agencies and contractors that initially contacted us for limited company advice also wanted a trusted partner that offered umbrella payroll and Carrington Umbrella filled this gap.

We have never employed a sales team and we still don’t today. We have grown purely on the back of being referred because of our service and advice and we are very proud of that. Our ethos is all about building longstanding relationships and we still have employees who worked through us in 2000 come back to us today when they need an umbrella payroll solution.

We serve contractors, freelancers and agencies across all sectors. We offer a very competitive margin so contractors on lower rates and those working on an ad hoc basis benefit from our services.  Those receiving higher contract rates enjoy excellent value for money from such a low margin service. We will always do our utmost to rectify any issue or problem that arises as quickly as possible.

We are one of the smaller umbrella providers in the marketplace but what we lack in size we more than make up for in the service and the relationships we have developed. Trading in this sector for almost twenty years gives us a unique insight into what our contractor employees want, and we have developed our offering around exactly that.


Carrington Accountancy

Carrington Accountancy is dedicated to providing the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of friendliness, pride and professionalism. We have been offering specialist accountancy services to contractors and SME’s across the UK since 1996. We have grown organically purely due to clients referring us to other businesses and contractors.

Over the years there has been many legislative changes and both clients and agencies have needed our help and expertise to guide them through such changes and help them to adapt to new working practices. We focus on what is important to our clients and this means a very varied and diverse approach because no two clients are the same.

We are often involved with a company from the day it is formed to the day it closes and whilst we offer the standard accountancy services such as VAT, bookkeeping and annual accounts we also actively advise on share structuring, R & D claims, capital gains reporting and Entrepreneurs Relief. Many contractors have buy to let properties and we have been advising them on the impact of the changes to the mortgage interest claimable and the pros and cons of transferring properties to a limited company.

We understand the SME and contractor market and have developed a service which provides the support, safety and freedom that you need in order to focus fully on your business or contract.


Contact Carrington

Nicky Owen

Tel: 0203 713 4530

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