2 Apr 2019

EAT confirms an employee’s mistaken belief is not enough for her disability discrimination claim to succeed

Written by Brabners LLP In the recent case of iForce Ltd v Wood [2019], the Employment Appeal Tribunal (“EAT”) confirmed that an individual did not suffer unfavourable treatment when she...

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18 Mar 2019

Personal injury damages available where employers fail to provide rest breaks

As you will know, working time is governed by the Working Time Regulations 1998 (“WTR 1998”) and it applies to all workers (not just to employees). Under the WTR 1998,...

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5 Mar 2019

Surprising Court of Appeal decision on the Agency Workers Regulations

Written by Brabners LLP Important Court of Appeal Case gives an insight into how compensation is dealt with under the Agency Workers Regulations 2010 where there is an equal pay...

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19 Feb 2019

ASDA Retail Staff Compare Terms to Distribution Workers for Equal Pay

Court of Appeal Confirms that ASDA’s Supermarket Retail Staff Can Compare Their Terms to more highly paid Distribution Workers in Equal Pay Case. Brabners LLP take a look at this...

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4 Feb 2019

Uber drivers confirmed as “workers” but the case could still continue

Employment Law Update from Brabners LLP: Court of Appeal Confirms that Uber Drivers are “Workers” but it isn’t over yet!

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22 Jan 2019

Case confirms providing a substitute does not prevent personal service and an employee relationship

Are the employment status tests outdated? Latest case reaffirms that providing a substitute does not prevent the existence of personal service and an employee relationship.

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8 Jan 2019

Good Work Plan boosts worker rights and abolishes Swedish Derogation

The Good Work Plan: Latest Government Reform boosts workers’ rights and confirms the end of the Swedish Derogation!

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18 Dec 2018

Implied term can prevent employee’s dismissal if it ends entitlement to long-term disability benefits

Latest case reveals that an implied term can prevent an employer from dismissing an employee if this would end their entitlement to long-term disability benefits

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4 Dec 2018

New framework released for reporting disability, mental health and wellbeing

Government releases new voluntary reporting framework for disability, mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. Brabners LLP takes a closer look.

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19 Nov 2018

British Airways case re-affirms part-time workers rights

Employment law experts, Brabners LLP looks at the British Airways case that confirms part-time workers have the right not to be treated less favourably but leaves some questions unanswered for...

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6 Nov 2018

Latest case confirms harassment claims are fact sensitive and be mindful of office banter

Brabners LLP examine the recent case of Evans v Xactly which confirms harassment claims are highly fact-sensitive and level of “office banter” can be relevant.

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23 Oct 2018

Re-arrange Disciplinary Hearings where Companions are unavailable

Written by Brabners LLP As you will know, when dealing with misconduct by a member of staff, it is important to make sure that a fair procedure is followed. Otherwise,...

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