Recruitready provides access to a set of recruitment service companies that collectively ensure a recruitment business can become ‘Recruitready’. Typically, these services span the majority of support functions that a recruitment business needs – including, but not limited to: training, finance and financial planning, HR, legal, IT, HR, marketing, funding, compliance, payroll and contracting services.

In many cases, a recruitment business will not have the time, skills or resources to ensure these particular services are carried out effectively in-house. Recruitment businesses of all sizes, but particularly start-up and early phase agencies will be focused on growing their businesses, often with limited headcount and will be rightly focused on winning clients and placing candidates. And in these instances, compliance, training or any of the other associated services can often fall by the wayside.

And this is where Recruitready can step in, and through its enhanced network of support service partner companies, it can offer a one-stop shop for the needs of recruitment agencies.

As anyone that has had to run their own business can attest to, in many cases it can be difficult to manage all the necessary tasks that a (small) business demands. Larger companies can take on additional people, grow their teams and appoint skilled experts in particular fields, but even mid-size agencies might struggle to justify a dedicated graphic designer, or compliance expert, or appointing an in-hour legal specialist.

A business might have a one-off requirement for one or more of these resources, or want the comfort of knowing there’s a readily available resource that’s experienced in the recruitment sector, understands the issues a recruitment business is facing and can provide timely and cost-effective solutions.

Recruitready and its associated partner companies can provide exactly this type of service. From annual service contracts to ad-hoc support in specific areas, our specialists will provide a dedicated service that’s tailored to recruitment agencies. So there’s no need to explain complex recruitment terminology to a generic marketing company, or try and find a compliance or finance specialist with specific recruitment experience. Recruitready has already undertaken an extensive selection process to identify suitable business partners that can provide these services.

Finally, it’s also important to highlight the option available to Recruitready customers to select multiple services from within the Recruitready portfolio and enjoy a significant discount when these are bundled together. Having worked together on many different client contracts, these partner companies are also experienced at providing integrated solutions for shared clients. It’s one of those added extra benefits that makes sure you’re recruit ready through us!

FCSA Members’ Offer

FCSA linked agencies will have the benefit of having preferential access to the full Recruitready portfolio of recruitment specific services and can be assured of an honest and transparent service regardless of their requirements.

Recruitready is offering the first 10 agencies that contact us quoting FCSA a free annual subscription to RIB, the Recruitment Industry Benchmarking company, a package that is collectively worth over £18,000. RIB counts many recruitment companies of all sizes as existing customers and through their data collection and benchmarking activities provide invaluable insight into the operational efficiency and competitiveness of their businesses.

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