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IR35 Shield is powered by our expert AI-driven assessment technology, which has been refined over 10 years along-side ever-changing UK IR35 case law. Our assessments deliver the same status as the judges rulings on all IR35 cases, giving you ultimate peace of mind.

Our IR35 Shield solution is infinitely scalable right out of the box. Our technology is so streamlined we can accurately assess and determine the IR35 status of the entire market of over half a million UK contractors in a single morning!


Our services

IR35 Shield has a solution that is right for you whether you are an individual contractor, agency, recruiter, or direct business.


IR35 Shield Manager is for agencies who need to leverage the power of our industry-leading software, allowing them to manage assessments, generate reports and model financial scenarios on behalf of their clients. IR35 Shield Manager even allows you to use our unique Collaborative Assessments technology to help streamline your assessments and maximise the accuracy of your status determinations.


IR35 Shield for Business is for businesses who wish to harness the power of our industry-standard online assessment tool and manage Off-payroll compliance for their contingent workforce. It identifies areas of importance and models scenarios to visualise the impact of the new legislation on your business, and uniquely delivers advanced analytics, providing you with instant answers to your primary concerns surrounding IR35.


IR35 Shield for Contractors (Membership) is for individual contractors who require unlimited IR35 assessments and status determination. As with all our products, it is combined with insurance to protect against HMRC investigations.


Why use us?

With IR35 Shield you can have an accurate assessment of your contractor’s IR35 status that’s underpinned by employment case law in just fifteen minutes.

Our comprehensive IR35 assessment delivers an instant IR35 Status Determination Statement. Each contractor’s answers are carefully analysed by our AI-powered IR35 virtual lawyer, whose approach to determining IR35 status is modelled on that of a tribunal judge.

This enables our virtual lawyer to deliver accurate and consistent IR35 evaluations without bias or human error. A human expert would typically take 2-3 hours to deliver an assessment. We can deliver your status determination in under a second, and is available 24/7, meaning you can assess thousands of contractors in a single day.

All these features make IR35 Shield the most comprehensive, accessible and effective IR35 compliance solution on the market.

If you would like to set up a FREE demo, please email Alkis Michael (see details below) or visit our website to book.



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  • IR35 assessment

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