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Over 27 years, Clarke Bell has helped over 2,600 companies liquidate; tax-efficiently distributing £435 million to shareholders.

Unfortunately due to IR35, many directors have found themselves needing to liquidate their company and move to an umbrella company.

Being contractor specialists means we understand that liquidation might not have been your first choice. Having such short notice to move to an umbrella can often mean that contractors are left with an overdrawn director’s loan account that they can’t immediately repay.

However you’ve come to the decision to liquidate, we’re here to help and can quickly layout your options, including how to deal with an outstanding director’s loan account.

While the liquidation process can seem daunting at first, our team of Licenced Insolvency Practitioners are here to hold your hand every step of the way, no matter whether you’re solvent or not. If there are any hurdles like a director’s loan account we need to jump over, we’ll cross them together to ensure that your liquidation concludes as quickly as possible.

Our MVLs start from £995 + VAT & Disbursements, and our CVLs are from £1,995 + VAT & Disbursements.

For an accurate quote, please head over to our automated quoting system at

Main Services

  • Members’ Voluntary Liquidations (MVLs)
  • Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidations (CVLs)

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