Our Board is elected by members, has strategic responsibility for FCSA objectives and meets quarterly. We employ a full-time chief executive, Julia Kermode, who has delegated authority for decision-making and is responsible for delivering FCSA activities.

The Elected Board members:

  • Chair – Graham Fisher, Orange Genie (FCSA Accredited Member)
  • Mark Beal-Preston, First Freelance (FCSA Associate Member)
  • Matt Fryer, Brookson (FCSA Accredited Member)
  • Nick Holmes, Umbrella.co.uk (FCSA Accredited Member) 
  • Chris James, JSA (FCSA Accredited Member) 
  • Louise Rayner, NumberMill (FCSA Accredited Member)
  • Joe Taffurelli, Liquid Friday (FCSA Accredited Member)