Sector Facts & Figures


FCSA conducts research into our sector, the results of which will be published here.  Below is a summary of information currently available.

Over 5 million singular individuals work on a flexible, non-permanent basis for UK plc. This includes 3.7 million self-employed without employees, and 1.7 million temporary employees. UK plc.’s use of flexible resources, as a proportion of its overall workforce, has risen significantly during recent years, and now stands at approximately 20%.

Flexible workers are engaged in a broad spectrum of sectors including:

  • White collar professionals (commercial, banking, education, legal, sales)
  • Construction
  • Transport & logistics
  • Engineering
  • Industrial / blue collar / utilities
  • IT and telecoms
  • Health & social care

Workers are engaged across the pay spectrum, with recent research indicating 85% earn above £10 per hour, and 30% earning above £20 per hour.