Benefits of Partnership

If you are considering partnering with FCSA, then you’re in good company.

We are seeking to work with like-minded organisations, so if you operate within the freelance/contractor sector, and want your business to be associated with compliant service providers, then you could be our next partner.  Below is an outline of potential benefits, which we would be happy to discuss in more detail with you.  We will only work with firms that share FCSA’s ethos.

Opportunities to share content

Your firm’s relevant technical articles or any specific content could be shared on the FCSA website to reach a wider audience, and could be a regular featured update.  You would be able to list your firm as the author, and include a link to your website.  To reciprocate, FCSA could provide you with relevant technical content for your online marketing if required.

Potential to develop a commercial relationship

There is the opportunity to develop a commercial relationship which can encompass making recommendations, cross-referring potential sales leads to each other, introductions to current clients and generally broadening our respective marketing reach.

FCSA events

You would have the opportunity to attend and support any of FCSA’s planned calendar of events.  You would be able to distribute marketing literature and display materials as appropriate to promote your firm.  Subject to programme planning, you may be able to provide expert speakers to present and discuss relevant hot topics of interest to the audience.

Value for Freelancers

By recommending freelance professionals and interim managers to FCSA members, you are assured that your candidates will receive advice and support from some of the largest, longest established and financially sound service providers in the UK.  Not only that, but you can assure your candidates that your service providers have been vetted independently, by a professional firm of chartered accountants and qualified solicitors, and are then reassessed every 12 months, therefore offering them the highest levels of compliance standards in the UK marketplace.

Access to fresh industry data

FCSA members represent a massive proportion of the temporary UK labour market.  FCSA regularly mobilises its Members and Research Associates to produce industry data offering valuable insights, actionable intel, and ‘finger on the pulse’ data within this dynamic marketplace.  As a Business Partner, this industry data will be made available to you, free of charge, as soon as it is released.  Redacted industry data may sometimes be used in information supplied to the government, or in press releases. As a recruitment partner you will have access to the full information.

Not for profit

Unlike many compliance assessors offering services in the UK, the FCSA works for the benefit of its members and the wider freelance industry, without any commercial agenda.  This is a very important differentiator given that most compliance assessment organisations work towards their own profit.  This suggests that they will be influenced with their own agendas or objectives at the forefront.

Regular updates from us

As a Business Partner you’ll receive regular updates on relevant industry ‘hot topics’, sector data, polls, forthcoming legislative updates and government consultations helping you to plan, stay up-to-date and be prepared.

Access to our views on sector developments

As the FCSA grows, our industry data will be broken into sectors.  FCSA plans to produce material that is broken down in to different geographic regions, with data spread across pay rates, industry sectors, public and private sector splits, etc.  All of this information will be available to Recruitment Partners, free of charge, and in full.

FCSA Business Partner Logo - Not for DownloadUse of FCSA logo

Within agreed guidelines, you could add the FCSA logo to your firm’s listed accreditations, giving credibility to your commitment to compliance, and as a result added reassurance to your clients.  Subject to your requirements, the logo could be included on your website, email signatures, publicity materials and headed paper.

Source of help/advice

FCSA, and its Accredited Members, will provide a comprehensive and independent source of help and advice for Business Partners.  You will have access to a dedicated support email address and queries directed to this email account will either be answered by FCSA, or by one of the appropriate Accredited Members. This service is provided free of charge to Recruitment Partners.

Long-Term, sustainable, flexible workforce

The flexible workforce has been a major contributor to economic recovery in the UK, and continues to be a vital support for a great many industries where success often relies upon the ability to quickly scale up and down.  The key aims and objectives of the FCSA are focused on driving best practice, reducing risk, promoting the value that temporary workers bring to the UK economy, and working with the whole supply chain to help shape the long term future of the industry.  By working with FCSA, you are demonstrating your commitment to the long-term sustainability of the flexible workforce.

Other sponsorship opportunities

As a confirmed partner of FCSA, you would have early notice of any new initiatives where we might be seeking sponsorship e.g. publications, training programmes, technical guidance, newsletters.


To discuss any aspect of these benefits in more detail, please contact Julia Kermode, CEO, on 07584 048930, or via email