About Us

Perkbox was born out of the idea that employee engagement solutions should be accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes – not just large corporate entities.

61% of the UK’s workforce is ‘disengaged,’ people are not passionate about their jobs or loyal to their companies costing the UK economy £340 billion a year. Engaging your employees boosts productivity and makes your company a more attractive place to work. We provide a platform that helps to enhance financial, emotional and physical wellbeing of employees.

Perkbox has become the leader in the umbrella/contractor space working with many well-known brands to help them communicate positively with contractors and ultimately extend the contractor life time value.


Members’ Offer

We provide over 250 free personal benefits rewarding contractors and freelancers in their everyday lives for habits they are already carrying out. For example; save up to 5% on grocery shopping, half-price cinema tickets, free phone insurance, discounted gym memberships, and many more.


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