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JustAccounts helps accountants take advantage of the rapidly growing market. We have crafted an accountancy platform that enables client growth, fosters efficiency, saves time and money and makes life easier – for both you and your clients.

The platform is built specifically for the UK accountants to deliver compliance, reduce costs and deliver a superb client experience.

The only cloud accounting software which lets you run cross company payroll bank reconciliation. Maximise efficiencies and access all your clients’ data in a few clicks.

Batch efficiencies and automation processes in the cloud give you the ability to manage thousands of clients and grow your business efficiently, increasing the number of clients you have, whilst decreasing the amount of time you need to spend on each one of them.

A mobile, tablet & PC white labelled, completely customisable dashboard, promoting your brand & builds your business value.

Your clients’ data sits with you, unlike all other accounting software solutions. This eliminates the risk of clients migrating to alternative providers or products.

The ease of use of the platform and our wide range of back-office and extra services, including marketing, business-efficiency consultancy, and accountancy-specific training, allow our contractor accountant and umbrella company clients to concentrate on running and growing their business, safe in the knowledge they can rely on a compliant, fully mobile, efficient platform which allows them to save time on all ops (batch processes), have all their data in one place, and maximise staff efficiency. Plus, it’s a breeze for contractors to use.

Watch our short video to find out more about how JustAccounts can help your business:

FCSA Partner - JustAccounts Video


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