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Working closely with accountants, Clarke Bell have liquidated more than 1,200 companies through the Members’ Voluntary Liquidation process and have securely distributed over £150 million in assets to shareholders. Our MVL fee is £995 +VAT plus disbursements (at cost).

When a contractor/director is ready to close down their solvent company in the most tax effective way, an MVL is often their best option. As specialist licensed insolvency practitioners, we do not offer general accountancy services – we leave that to the accountants which means they can charge the client a ‘closure fee’.

Where a contractor has severe cash-flow difficulties a ‘Basic CVL’ is often their best option.Our fee is £1,995 (all inclusive).Complex CVLs are priced on a case-by-case basis.

The service we provide is nationwide, by our friendly and professional team in our office in Manchester.


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