Why Should My Firm Join

Negative headlines have sparked a public and political backlash, and legislative developments have the potential to paralyse the market.

FCSA is fighting your corner.

FCSA is credible with a proven track record, and has been supporting the contractor management industry and flexible workforce since 2008.

We’re making a big difference by engaging with hirers, policymakers and the media.

We continue to lobby Government, promote the economic value of the sector, present credible evidence-based arguments and respond to inaccurate portrayals of our industry.

Join us, and together we can achieve much more.

If you join as an Associate, commercial benefits to you include:

  • Monthly intel and analysis of the marketplace
  • Access to expert technical knowledge and advice
  • Influence with Government at the highest level
  • Proactive PR representative of the sector
  • Specialist training courses, education, and development opportunities
  • Unity and longevity for your business

If you join as an FCSA Accredited Member, you receive all of the above, plus:

FCSA Code of Compliance

The FCSA Code of Compliance is the pinnacle of compliance testing for a UK employment service provider.  Passing the Code Assessment demonstrates that your firm has achieved the highest level of independently assessed compliance available today.


FCSA Accredited Members are increasingly recognised as being the preferred supplier for many recruiters, supporting supply chain compliance, minimising recruiter risk and ultimately giving peace of mind.

Code Assessors

To pass the Code your firm must be assessed by an independent, qualified Code Assessor.  All FCSA Code Assessors are either Chartered Accountants or Regulated Solicitors, and have at least five years demonstrable experience of specialising in the freelance sector.

HMRC Transparency

Accredited Members of FCSA are assessed against the Code every year.  Each year, after assessment, the FCSA will lodge a copy of the review documentation with HMRC, in true open-book transparency.

Ready to join?  Contact Julia Kermode on 07584 048930, or julia.kermode@fcsa.org.uk