Accredited Members

FCSA Accredited Member Logo - Not for downloand

Accredited Members are rightly proud of being able to demonstrate that they adhere to the rigorous FCSA Compliance Code.  They are independently reviewed against the code on an annual basis, and a copy of which is sent to HMRC for absolute transparency.  The compliance review is undertaken by FCSA approved assessors, experts in the field who are professionally regulated accountants and solicitors.

Whether you are an agency, contractor or end-hirer, by choosing to work with an FCSA Accredited Member you have peace of mind that the business operates legally and adheres to all regulations.  We check their processes so that you don’t have to.

Accredited Members are authorised to display the orange FCSA logo and you can also view a full list of accredited members below:

1st Option




First Freelance


Intouch Accounting

JSA Group

Liquid Friday


Orange Genie