FCSA is an independent industry association which has been founded to set the standard for companies providing services to the professional freelance workforce and give this vital community a voice.


FCSA was formed in 2008 with the aim of setting standards to support and sustain the flexible workforce.  We operate a stringent code of compliance that our members are required to adhere to, demonstrating that they operate legally, ethically and manage all liabilities properly.

Each member company provides payroll, accountancy and administrative support and advice for the professional freelance workforce and we are united by our willingness to work to protect the interests of our clients and ensure a regulatory environment in which freelance workers can thrive.

We have realised the strength one collective voice could have, both in promoting the integrity of the industry and in gaining recognition of the professional freelance workforce’s contribution to UK plc.

Through a combined effort, we have initiated an industry-leading code of conduct to drive best practice. FCSA members each undergo an independent review from one of the ‘big four’ accountancy practices, with the review documentation being voluntarily submitted to HMRC. This sets the standard for professional compliance and proving that we work legally and ethically at all times.

This position gives us credibility and strength, ensuring our opinions are both heard and respected within the industry and by the Government and regulators.