2016 – It’s been a sobering year

Written by FCSA Business Partner, Caunce O’Hara & Co.

The Rio Olympics brought some truly memorable moments and much needed  ” feel-good ” in a year that many have called one of the worst in a generation. A plethora of natural and humanitarian disasters have plagued our planet – but, a planet that we’ve been fortunate to have seen, in such glory, via Tim Peake’s astonishing snapshots and commentaries.

We’ve been exasperated and saddened by the many celebrities who have passed away, but have been uplifted by others’ great achievements. We’ve had shock results politically and global power moves that have made us realise that certainty can often be hard to find.

Yet, with all the events and happenings that have made 2016 a year to perhaps forget, we’ll move into 2017 with some certainties in business that will present challenges. In our sectors we know that the “gig economy” will be under the microscope, that there’ll be pressure in the UK to improve tax-take as ” self-employment ” in unprecedented proportions has impinged on National Insurance receipts to the Treasury, and that global markets may well be changing landscapes as Brexit and US strategies begin to reveal themselves.

With all that has passed and with all that is afoot, FCSA Business Partner Caunce O’Hara has, and will be, ready for life’s challenges. It’s that time of year when we extend our thanks to clients established and new, to insurers and professional partners, to suppliers and friends a Happy Christmas. We are hoping that 2017 offers more certainty and less controversy, more prosperity and less red-tape. We’re here to help you and your business be protected and thrive.

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